Aaron’s Minimalist Metal 3 String Bass

I just finished this bass for my friend and super awesome guy Aaron Brassea. He asked for a three string bass made for the 3 lowest strings of a 5 string bass (BEA), no knobs or controls (volume all the way up, tone all the way down), all black, and a thumb rest.

Here is what I came up with. I cut down and re-used a neck from a broken bass I was given, as well as the pickups from an Iceman body I was given by by old buddy Jeff. I was going to paint the body Jeff gave me, but it has such a pretty sunburst that I couldn’t bring myself to do that. Instead, Niels Nielsen helped me make an Iceman body out of plywood. Niels gave me a bunch of the stuff that I used on this build, including the bridge(s), and the tuning Machines and the neck. The thumb rest is part of a handle from one of our kitchen knives, and the pickup mounts are old made of old records.

Also, check out Aaron’s comics at http://www.mylifeinscribbles.com.


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