End of the Year Update

It has been a while since I posted anything, so here is a quick update on things here at 4ist Guitars.

The Hermersberg Guitar and the Ponderosa Tenor Guitar arrived safely at their homes.

The Ponderosa Tenor was a Christmas gift and waiting for it to be given was excruciating, but the payoff on Christmas morning was well worth it.

Right now, I am building four instruments. First, I am still working on the Chinook Cedar Plank 2 string Bass.I am still sorting out how I want to run the wiring, but it is not far from completion.

Chinook Cedar Plank Bass

Second, I am working on a Ukulele for Suz Doyle of The Wallop Sisters. The hope was to convert a postcard tin for the body, but the sound wasn’t there, and the tin bent with the slightest pressure. I am in the process of switching it to a cigar box body now.

Uke for Suz
Uke for Suz (note the bend in the tin)

Third, am slowly putting together a short scale 5 string banjo. There are a lot of new things I am trying out on that one, including using a piece of hardwood flooring as the fretboard and configuring the drone string correctly.

Short Scale Banjo

Finally, I am really excited about this Trichordo Resonator Bouzouki that I am nearing completion on.

Trichordo Resonator Bouzouki
Trichordo Resonator Bouzouki

The resonator cone is a dog dish, and the tailpiece is a pie server. I am still working on getting the action down, but I thing this is really going to be a fun instrument.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these instruments or working with me to design your own custom one, contact me via email at 4istguitars.gmail.com or message 4ist Guitars on Facebook!


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